Visit Modica

Visit Modica

Modica is a baroque town located in the extreme south-east of Sicily.

Thanks to the baroque monuments of its historical district, entirely rebuilt in 1693 after a terrible eartkquake. Since 2002 Modica has been included in the UNESCO heritage list.

Known as the “hundred churchs town”, Modica has two patrons, St. George and St. Peter, to each of one is dedicated an amazing baroque Cathedral.

Because of its extended territory, Modica is divided into neighborhoods and districts.

Modica Bassa is the heart of historical district. Corso Umberto I, is the main street where you can take a walk through the baroque wonders, like the imposing St. Peter Cathedral, the Church of Saint Mary of Bethlehem and Palazzo della Cultura with its Chocolate Museum. Moreover, in Corso Umberto I you can spent time in shopping and enjoy local cusine delicacies, as the famous Cioccolato di Modica.
Not to be losed: the enchanting night view from the San Benedetto Viewpoint!

  • Modica Alta: it’s the most ancient district of the town. Here you can admire the majestic St. George Cathedral , its staricase and gardens; the Castle of Counts of Modica, the St. John the Evangelist Church and some historical stately building recently renovated.
  • Sorda District it’s a recently built residential area, where you can find all the main facilities and utilities including the Hospital with its Emergency Room. At Sorda is also avaible a great shopping offer starting from Via Sacro Cuore, continuing to the Polo Commerciale to the La Fortezza Shopping Centre.
  • Marina di Modica is the seaside village of Modica (about 22km from historical district) characterized by a beautiful free beach, offering tourists and locals all the services to enjoy relax and have fun in front of the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Frigintini the main countryside district of Modica rich in olive and carob trees. Here you can savor the rustic cuisine par excellence, in some of the farmhouses most faithful to local tradition.